Caffe Mauro

Caffe Mauro has been producing blends, meeting the highest standards of quality, since Demetrio Mauro started the company in 1949. With determination, passion and love for the product, Demetrio managed to make Caffe Mauro grow to new heights, by always retaining quality in the first place.


The naturally sweet qualities of Caffe Mauro allows the enjoyment of an excellent coffee without sugar. Thanks to its low caffeine content and combined with the slow roasting process, Caffe Mauro is a “good coffee”. This allows the frequent enjoyment of Caffe Mauro’s unique taste and aroma.

GSD Marketing Ltd employees get Caffe Mauro training
23, March 2015

Staff at GSD Marketing Ltd were very excited to welcome Francesco Neri from Caffe Mauro for a short but intensive training programme on the art of making a perfect coffee the Italian way. Caffe Mauro is imported and distributed by GSD Marketing and is a speciality coffee served in bars and catering establishments.

Caffe Mauro Fior Di Crema
01, July 2014

Caffe Mauro’s Fior the Crema was recently launched in Malta. It is, a delicate and delicious coffee-based granita dessert, suitable as a refreshing treat or an after-meal dessert.


  • 100% Arabica (6x1Kg per pack).
  • De Luxe (6x1Kg per pack) 70% Arabica 30% Robusta.
  • Premium (6x1Kg per pack) 50% Arabica 50% Robusta.